We see opportunities in challenges,
and new possibilities in every area.

Prochnost Electro Mechanical Co. L.L.C means durable and enduring solutions, uncompromising quality and on time delivery of solutions. We envisage the future, foresee the needs of the market, and explore new opportunities.

  • Procurement, Inspection and Approvals
  • Construction Management
  • Engineering
  • Installation, Testing and Commissioning

Managing Director
Prochnost Electro-Mechanical Works LLC.

Why You Choose Prochnost

Prochnost Electromechanical Works LLC. follows a unique way of executing and delivering any project. We don’t just accept a contract and execute it, rather, there’s a process flow that allow us to perform optimally and delivery the most apt product/services for the project in consideration.

  • Air Conditioning & Ventilation and Building Management System
  • Plumbing and Drainage and Fire Fighting Systems
  • Electrical and Fire Alarm and Central Battery Systems
  • ELV Systems including CCTV, Access Control, Digital & AV Systems
  • Standby Power System (Diesel Generator, UPS etc.)
  • Structured Cabling and Active Components

Know More About Us

We break down every project requirement to the minutest level, understand the underlying reasoning for such requirement and based on our continuous discussions with clients we deliver the most befitting solutions.

We have multiple teams to work on different type of projects, whether it is go from point to point of an electrical works installation to a simple task of delivering few units of computers to a site, we consider all requirements as important and pay equal importance and attention to ensure that quality prevails at the end.

Production 90%
Utilization Works 80%
EPC Works 70%
Customer Satisfaction 98%

Services We Offer


Heavy Duty and Handling Equipments




Networking & Communication


Building and Construction Materilas


Imaging IT and Video Equipments


Safety Equipment


Plumbing Works


Materials & Chemicals

industrial products

Specialized Industrial Products

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